Summary October & November

I apologise for double month post and some downtime on the phoneline. This was due to having some technical difficulties.

Times are GMT
27/10 20:51: IM; offering spaces on a bitcoin cycler system.
21/10 17:52; Voicemail from USA of someone hanging up.
20/10 16:10; Voicemail from hanbot.
20/10 04:50: Call; atomated message with code validating a craigslist account.
18/10 18:47: Voicemail from USA; 3 second message I can’t make out.

A few additional skype camsite bots requesting contact list add and then blocked.


Summary 26 July – 25 August

Three contact requests to the SkypeID, however, no calls or messages.

To those reading this after being updated of new post via penguirker, please accept this manul so your trip here was not wasted :]

manul of the month

manul of the month

Summary 26 June – 25 July

Times are GMT
24/07 08:40: Call from USA; message sent/failed.
17/07 17:56: Message; enquiring about mpex site status.
16/07 13:00: Call from uknown; enquiring about mpex site status.
15/07 03:52: Call from uknown; missed. unable to recontact.

A very quiet month.

Summary 26 May-25 June

Times are GMT
24/06 12:35: Post Office; shipping package completed.
24/06 09:45: Post Office; shipping package attempt.
24/06 06:23: PM explaining voice in channel.
23/06 14:00: Post Office; shipping package enquiry.
23/06 13:24: Call to Courier SA; checking for account.
23/06 13:15: Call to Courier UK; checking for account.
23/06 13:00: Call to Senate Office; cut off due to signal – will do this again when connected to better internet (ETA 02/07).
20/06 20:06: Cambot IM.
22/06 05:10: PM follow up to previous contact regarding WoT and self-voice.
20/06 10:36: PM requesting walk-through to get in WoT and self-voice.
20/06 06:12: PM discussing bot information to add to wiki.
17/06 14:35: Cambot IM.
17/06 00:15: PM discussing bot to add to wiki.
14/06 13:48: Message; invite to channel.
13/06 10:03: Call to UK finance company; checking for message left.
12/06 22:20: Call to UK finance company; checking for message left. No answer (OoH).
11/06 23:38: IM contact add request – Trinidad & Tobago.
05/06 17:00: Call to Senate Office; no response.
04/06 15:22: IM from USA; explaining voice on in #bitcoin-assets and discussing Neo & Bee.
03/06 23:28: Call to Senate Office; no response.
29/05 06:31: PM requesting explanation about channel, WoT and voice.
29/05 03:49: PM asking about voice in channel.
27/05 07:39: PM asking about bitcoin futures and exchange.
26/05 12:57: Call from Unknown; checking in with reception.


This blog has been quiet because I recently had to move from here:

old home

to here:

new home

I have had the phone line on and checked in as much as possible. The following post will be a collation of the contacts/work I have done in this time and blog posts shall return to normal weekly updates. I do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for bearing with me.

Summary 18-25 May

Times are GMT
25/05 12:57:54: Call from Unknown phone number; silent call.
23/05 05:38: Call from Turkey; checking out reception.
21/05 12:17: IM from USA; Thoughts on why bitcoin rose, advice on how to go about buying/trading bitcoin.
20/05 19:46: IM from USA; Checking out reception and background. Joined channel.
20/05 00:46: IM from USA; Asking to exchange $20 to Bitcoin using PayPal.
19/05 22:33: IM from USA; clarify assets channel stand on bitfinex.
19/05 00:40: Call from USA; Last order for MPIF
18/05 21:54: Call from France; meet and greet.
18/05 21:33: Call from France; how to pronounce manul.
18/05 21:27: Call from Slovenia; meet and greet.
18/05 21:18: Call from uknown; Testing line.
18/05 18:53: Call from USA; meet and greet.
18/05 16:02: Call from USA; silent call, no response to sms.
18/05 16:46: Call from South Africa; testing line.